Battery Operated Flame Sensor TAKEX TX-124R

Battery Operated Flame Sensor TAKEX TX-124R

  • MS 000003228
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Battery Operated Flame Sensor TAKEX TX-124R

- Flame sensor wireless type, DC3V (CR-123A) battery not included

- General Description: TX-124R detects ultraviolet rays contained in flames and activates an external output. It is compatible with most of major wireless transmitters powered by DC3V battery. The weather proof construction of the housing allows for use outdoors.

- Various Sensitivity Levels Selectable: TX-124R has 2 sensitivity setting (H or L) and 4 detection timer (1, 6, 15 or 30 sec). A combination of the two parameters provides 8 sensitivity levels which enables the sensor to fit with various environments and conditions.

- High Sensitivity: TX-124R detects a flame of 60cm(2’75”) from 30m(66’) away.

- Major Funtions

   + Operation LED (can be disabled by DIP switch).

   + Battery holder for 2 x CR-123A.

   + Area masking sheet.


Detection systemUltraviolet rays detection (Detected wave length: 185 to 260nm)
Detection AreaDistance
33ft. (10 m): (Gas Flame of Lighter in front of sensor: approx. : 2.75' (7cm))
100ft. (30 m): (Flame of N-heptane on fire plate 15cm × 15cm: approx. : 23.62' (60cm))
The flame size is rough.
Angle: Vertical: approx. 75° (upward: 15°, downward: approx. 60°) Horizontal: approx. 100°.
Adjustment range: Vertical: downward 90° (horizontal-vertical) Horizontal: 180°
Sensitivity adjustmentSensitivity: H (100%), L (50%) [selectable by switch]
Detection timer: 1 sec, 6 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec [selectable by switch]
Supply voltage(Red/Black wires) DC3V (CR-123A)
Current consumptionStandby: 55μA Max, Detection: 1mA Max
Detection output(Blue/White wires)
Solid State Switch N.C 3VDC ・ 0.01A Max
Output when detecting Ultraviolet, Real time + delay time 2 sec
Operation LEDDetection: Red LED
Rael time + delay time 2 sec
Ambient temperature-4°F to +122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
InstallationIndoor, Outdoor
WeightApprox. 17.9 oz (510g)
Appearance- Sensor Part: PC resin (White)
- Back box: AES resin (White)
Optional- Tapping Screw φ 6 × 30 (SUS): 4pcs
- Battery holder (2 x CR-123A): 1pc
- Area mask seal: 1pc

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

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