Geovision GV-AS8111 Kit

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  • Geovision
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Geovision GV-AS8111 Kit 84-AS8111KT

Geovision GV-AS8111 Kit - 8 Door Panel + PowerBoard + IronCase

GV-AS8111 Kit is a cabinet containing a GV-AS8111, a power adapter board, a power supply and a casing for backup battery. The power supply provides power to GV-AS8111 Kit and up to 8 output devices (12V, 0.5A per device).

Key Features of Geovision GV-AS8111 Kit

  • One-way control: 8 doors
  • Two-way control: 4 doors by Wiegand only; 8 doors by RS-485 / network; 8 doors with max 4 doors by Wiegand and other doors by RS-485 / network
  • 8 Wiegand card readers of 26 to 64 bits
  • 16 GV-Readers and GV-GF Fingerprint Readers through RS-485 and network
  • Built-in 16 inputs and 24 relay outputs
  • Suitable for controlling doors, parking gates and access to elevator call buttons
  • Support for tampering alarm

SKU: 84-AS8111KT-001U

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