Cáp mạng Dintek CAT.6A U/FTP 1105-06003

Cáp mạng Dintek CAT.6A U/FTP 1105-06003

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Giá : 5,478,000 vnđ (Đã bao gồm VAT)

Cáp mạng Dintek CAT.6A U/FTP 1105-06003

-         Part number: 1105-06003

-         Cáp mạng Dintek CAT.6A U/FTP 4-pairs, bọc nhôm chống nhiễu từng đôi cáp, 305m/cuộn, màu xám.

-         Tốc độ truyền dữ liệu lên đến 10Gigabit/s.

-         Cat.6A 4P U/FTP with foil 23AWG solid cable PVC

-         DINTEK PowerMAX+™ CAT.6A U/FTP Cable is specifically designed to support high speed network applications such as 10-Gigabit Ethernet . 

-         The cable is constructed of four individually foil wrapped pairs. DINTEK PowerMAX+ CAT.6A U/FTP  cable minimizes alien and near end crosstalk, provides excellent signal isolation and provides superior electromagnetic interference protection. 

-         Made in Taiwan.

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